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As so many of you have noticed, exiles generally do okay when running away from critters in a straight line. But what happens if you have to turn a corner?

Well, cut it too sharp and those pesky little varmints crawl right up your tail pipe—something that's none too good for the paint job. And some of those dings in your finish can be almighty painful...


Generally speaking, there are few critters that can keep up with an exile in full-flight. But all that changes when it comes to digging in and changing direction. As you can see above, Marc decided he'd run out of running room and decided to double back.

Unfortunately, he cut the corner a little sharp and lost more than half his lead to the myrm hot on his tail. Now, if he'd decided to start his turn a little earlier and take a nice gentle turn...


like he did in this picture, he would have kept his commanding lead and easily out-distanced that persistent but dog-slow myrm.

As it was, he got seriously munched and had a sore heiney for a week.