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There are two ways to run in Clan Lord, which means you can pick and choose which one fits your style best. And finger endurance...

An excellent guide to using the different control methods to fight can be found on JoMamma's Clan Lord Fighting Tips page.

Just crawlin'
I'm getting there, but it might take a day or two.

No matter which method of movement you choose, the speed your character moves at is dictated by how far away the mouse cursor is. If you're sneaking up on something, keep your cursor close to your character and you'll just crawl along.

Hauling turnips
Mach 3, or as close as a I can get.

If, however, you're running for your life, you'll want your cursor to be as far away from your character as possible. In my case, this usually means my cursor is next door having dinner with the neighbors.

Click and Hold
Default option

Set your movement method by pulling down the Options menu and selecting Preferences... The first way to run is the default method: Click and hold. To move, put your cursor a little ways away from your character and hold down the mouse button. To stop, let up on the mouse button.

The good thing about this method is it's easy to learn. The bad thing is that both your mouse button and your finger will soon be the worse for the wear. In my case, my mouse started missing clicks and my index finger developed a nasty tendency to cramp.

Click Toggles
Option #2

The second way to run is the click toggles method. To start running, click your mouse. Now your character follows the cursor all the time—you don't need to hold down the mouse button anymore—and to make it stop you put the cursor over your character.

The good thing about this method is it reduces movement to merely flicking your mouse. The bad thing is that it takes a couple hours to get used to it. This is the setting I use; I think it's the best because it hasn't made any of my body parts hurt. Yet.


So there. Now you know my opinions on the best way to move. Go forth, live long, and run fast.