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You're a new exile. What's to do? Easy—go kill stuff. But where?

Good question. My preferred place to hunt as a new exile is the rat huts. They're located on the north and south sides of Puddleby's west gate.

Rat hut
Rat hut near Buck's Tavern

There is also a rat hut in the east field, but it's a tad scary getting there. And really mean beasties sometimes wander in...

Rat hut
East field rat

Another good place is the Southwest Farm. Instead of turning off at the rat huts, head out past the west gate and go south one screen. Rats galore, along with some other critters to keep things exciting.

Inside the rat huts are, well, rats. And vermine. And sometimes other things... Like Darshak scouts and the occasional group of giant vermine.

Darshak in hut
Hey, that's not a rat!

There is also a tunnel linking the two Puddleby huts. Be careful going in there: skeletals live there.

Another quick and dirty way of gaining some fast newby ranks is by farming kudzu. Ask around for a kudzu seedling (find Tam or Nohn and they can set you up with one), and go to town with these stalky plants.

Die, foul plant!

Once you've mastered the rats huts and are sick of farming kudzu (or you're bored out of your skull), the next place to try is the myrm hive. The entrance is in the NE corner of the Puddleby Farms, which lie just outside Puddleby's north gate. The first thing you'll learn about the hive is that you fall frequently there—myrms are quite vicious and will munch the heck out of you in short order.

Ye gods!
Okay—Ishanda's toughest.

There are three kinds of brown myrms: farmers, which are easy to kill; workers, which are a little tougher; and scouts, which are devilish little buggers. Since a scout looks just like a farmer, taking after a brown myrm can be rather exciting.

There are also two kinds of red myrms: protector, a tough little beasty that's slightly meaner than a scout; and the warrior, which is quite a bit meaner than a protector. You'll probably spend a lot of time running away from these little suckers.

After you've mastered the hive (or you just want to fall in the sunlight for once), try the north or south beach. Crawlers (hardshelled little critters) and rockodiles live on the beaches—try the crawlers first, then move up to the young rockodile. Keep an eye out for the adult and great rockodiles, though. They've been known to snap exiles in half with one bite.

Adults vs. Pharazon
Pharazon hogging the rocks

After you get tired of the beaches, move on to the north forest, the north east field, the undine cavern, the passes, the south forest (and its associated territories), and so on. Eventually you'll be rampaging around in your maha-hide shirt and gold wingtips making life miserable for rages, deadly crawlers, and blood wyrms...