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Ever want a wall?

Unfortunately, there aren't any walls in Clan Lord. Instead, we have kudzu.

Kudzu is an annoying little plant that can be easily killed by the weakest exile. Fortunately, critters ignore it, except to stand on the other side and slobber a lot.

Of course, getting kudzu seedlings in the first place is a bit tedious... Mostly because it involves a lot of standing around whacking little green shrubs.

The first thing to do is acquire a kudzu seedling. Ask around town (be polite, not a pest) and see if anyone has one they can spare. If you see Tam or Nohn around, they have a few seedlings lying around that can get you started.

Planting a seedling
Grow! Grow! Grow!

Now that you have a seedling, you need to plant it. You can do this by equipping it (selecting it in your inventory window), and type \use (or by typing just uu, if you want to use the macro).

It sprouted!
Yahoo! It sprouted!

Your kudzu farm will start off with one plant. Don't kill this! Let it mature a bit and throw out some more plants...

Grow! Grow! Grow!
Grow! Grow more! Grow more!

As you can see, now I have three kudzu plants. Time to start whacking? Not quite... The second-generation plants will themselves throw off more plants, called third-generation plants.

Yahoo! Third generation! Prepare to die, foul plant!
Whack! Whack! Whack!

It's these third generation plants you want to start whacking on. I usually whack a second generation plant or two to mark them so I can tell where one generation ends and the next begins. Otherwise, when the third generation gets really going, it's hard to tell which is which...

Ye gods! Core died!
The core's dead—long live the core!

As you can see in this picture, I've marked (okay, I over-swung and accidentally bashed the wrong kudzu) three second-generation plants, and the middle first generation plant has died of old age. I usually go ahead and kill all the plants now, but some people stand around and wait for the second-generation plants to finish popping out third generation plants.

"But wait!" you say. "Where am I going to get more kudzu seedlings?"

Never fear—each patch of kudzu will give you plenty of seedlings. As you kill off the third-generation plants, they leave the cute little buggers behind for you to stash in your pack. I've gotten as many as 18 seedlings out of a patch, so there's no need to worry about a lack of kudzu seedlings.

Here's some very good advice that Trauma offered via the newsgroup:

Most people don't know much about the specifics of kudzu growth.
  • The first generation bush (the one you plant) spawns four second-generation bushes around it.
  • Each second-generation bush spawns third-generation bushes at any available spots next to it.
  • Third-generation bushes spawn nothing.
  • All kudzu die after exactly 15 OOC minutes
  • The most efficient way to farm kudzu (most bushes and potential seeds per crop) is to kill only third-generation bushes (the outermost bushes) until 12 or 13 minutes after your seed is planted. Then kill all the second generation bushes you can, so the first-generation spawns new ones before it dies.
This is of course assuming your party is able to kill the bushes quickly enough for it to matter ;)


One of the more important things to consider when choosing to farm kudzu is location.

Should you plant your farm in the middle of town? Only if you don't mind other people harvesting your farm.

Should you plant your farm in a gate or other highly traveled path? No, that would really tick off anyone trying to get through it.

Ferals and kudzu don't mix
Blasted ferals
Should you plant your farm in an area where nasty critters spawn? Kudzu won't kill you, but other critters will when they get stuck with you in your farm.