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Sooner or later, you're going to be in the enviable position of being the live one trying to rescue the fallen ones.

And yes, you'll still need to run, although this time with an entirely different purpose. This time, instead of getting away from critters, you're going to want to keep them close and you're going to want to keep them away from the healers reviving the fallen. That means plenty of running...

Meshra party
Just sloggin' through the marsh

The first thing to do is pick up all the critters that are causing the problems. The best way to learn how to do this is with something slow; I recommend practicing with rockodiles. Be VERY careful with these things—they hit really, really hard.

Gathering up some rocks and crawlers

To gather up some critters, slow down so they can catch up to you. You'll need them to stay close so they don't get picked off by people passing by. Notice how close I've kept the cursor to Nohn. He's hardly moving, but you'll need to tailor your character's speed to the speed of whatever is chasing you.

Leading them away

In this picture I've picked up a load of rocks and crawlers, and am leading them away. Notice that I'm moving faster (cursor's farther away from Nohn) and how the slower critters are falling back and are in danger of being dropped.

Because not everything follows at the same speed, I'll need to drop back, circle around, and pick up the stragglers. If I keep circling like this I'll keep all the rocks and crawlers away from the healers. And, if I keep just enough space between myself and the lead critter, I'll stay alive at the same time.

Mess 'o kitties
The south forests are exciting place

Speed Bumps
When you're leading a bunch of critters around, you have to keep your eyes peeled for speed bumps—little critters that get in your way and cause you to stop suddenly. Vermine and rats are notorious for this and have more than once lead to the death of gallant exile doing his part to bring life back to the fallen. (Me, in other words.)

\swear rats!

What happens is this. Since you've equipped a weapon (I never let go of the thing), when a vermine gets in your way, you stop to swing at it. This cessation of forward progress causes the pack of panthers, artaks and whatnot that you're leading to pile into your back, whereupon they commence gnawing upon your person.

Quite often this is fatal to the exile involved, so it's best to avoid it where possible.