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What is a macro?

Thankfully, Okasa has answered this question.

Macros are short prayers to the great and powerfull god Makros. Often this god will turn a deaf ear to even the most devoted followers pleas, simply because there was not a long enough pause between sentences, or another equally silly reason.

Then again, some think that macros are small animals. When properly prompted, these little helpers can be trained to speak phrases or carry out simple tasks, like fetching a weapon from a backpack.

Still others think that macros are...


Here's a collection of macros posted to, that you might find useful.

Other macro resources:

If there are any macro resources I've left out, by all means let me know.

Here's an interesting bit of research. Knorg got curious about what was acceptable for scripting and what wasn't, so he conducted a highly informal survey thorugh the newsgroup. This is what he found:

Here are the results from the scripting ethics survey. 22 people responded.

If the response was, "OK if you stop the script to RP when someone comes around", I counted that as "Right"

If the response was, "OK if you accept the risks of dying/being killed", I counted that as "Right"

Please for give me if I messed up on the count. Some of the answers were kind of ambiguous. I tried to keep it accurate.

Regarding fighter characters: Sometimes I hunt alone. No other players around, no role playing, just hunting for ranks or money.
Right: 22
Wrong: 0

This of course can take hours. My mousing hand get cramps. So I make a macro to help me hunt. I let it run. But I stay at the computer and watch over it.
Right: 14
Wrong: 8

The macro is running well. No one is around. So I launch my news-group client and read I check on the character every 10 minutes or so.
Right: 13
Wrong: 9

The extreme: I decide to take a nap. And I purposely leave the script running to rack up stats.
Right: 7
Wrong: 15

Regarding healer characters: I have been playing for a while. Players are sharing with me. I have to take a break for a few minutes. I run a "/ponder zzz\r" macro to avoid getting logged off and losing my shares.
Right: 19
Wrong: 3

I leave the healer asleep for hours.
Right: 11
Wrong: 11

I make a make a macro so that I can sit in a safe area unattended and heal anyone who happens to come along.
Right: 14
Wrong: 8