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Curious about the guy behind all this? Well, you found him. Here's everything there is to know about the creator of this site (or what little he's willing to divulge).

Nohn Name: Twen Tiethann Iver'Sarymac

Age: Unknown (his brother ate their birth records while teething)

Race: of The People

Sex: Male

Height: Quarter inch shorter than his brother

Weight: With or without tail?

Marital status: Yep

Former Occupation: Pastry chef

Current Occupation: Healer/Juggler

Time in lands: Exiled in wave 45.

Reason for exile: Victim of spurious accusations by a jealous nephew of his employer, Tam was exiled for treason.

Other: Has a bit of a sweet tooth and a furiously suppressed liking for the color purple.