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The lowly purse. Just another item cluttering up your inventory, right?


This chunky little item is a lot more than a soft leather sack for schlepping around all those coins you've picked up. In fact, this handy little geegaw can save your life—and you'll wonder how you've gotten along without it.

When you equip this humble little sack, it takes the place of whatever you're carrying in your right hand. Now why, you ask, would I want to let go of my club/dagger/sword/axe/great sword/other instrument of bloodshed and warfare?

Easy. Because of speed bumps!

Remember that section over in Running to Lead where I talk about speed bumps? Yup, you remember. Speed bumps are little critters—vermine, rats, leeches, scorps, and so on—that lurk in the tall grasses and make you come to a complete stop and swing your weapon when you run into 'em.

Usually when you have most of a forest or field chasing you, too.

Now, if you've equipped your purse, when you crash into a critter you won't stop and swing at it. Unless you hit it square on, you'll just glance off and keep on running, which can be a very good thing when you're on your way into/out of Ash Island....

A handy-dandy shortcut to equipping the purse (or any other inventory item) is to open the inventory window, click the purse to select it, and 0. (That's zero, not capital-O.) Now, forever more, when you hit command-0, you will equip the purse.

You can also go through and set up all your inventory items this way as well.

Ah, you say, but why didn't he say command-1? Well, I just like to assign that to my primary weapon. Along with 2, 3, 4, etc. and so forth. 0 is just handy for the moneybag--that way I don't have to look for it.

Note: Of course, any non-weapon that fills your right hand will serve the same purpose (like a moonstone).

Many thanks to Mono (or Monolith the Good, as he was known back then), for pointing this tidbit out to me 'way back in the 40's. Or so... And also to all the kind souls who've politely asked me to please get off my keister and actually post the information!