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Here's another old scrapbook page. I separated it out to ease the load times.
Pretty tree
Pretty tree in the rain.

Where is everybody?
Feeling a little lonely. And scared... Where is everybody?

Holy smokes!
Discretion is sounding really good right now.

So I'm predictable.


Sassy death
That Sassy's one mean healer.

Discovering how to make a liche over-swing.

Chain Gang
Fortunately, Chum had a chain in his back pocket.

Horde Vanquished
Some exiles take on the horde—and kick tootsie.

Greater Death
And promptly get their tootsies kicked by a Greater Death.

GD and Friends
And then some of its friends showed up.

Three tree giants
Turned out that a fourth giant was due south of me. Bad day in the north pass.

Super Chicken
Always wanted to know what color his hair was.

Polychrome AutoCrusader Psych Tam
One night we all got new clothes. Polychrome had the nicest shoes; Auto had the nicest shirt. I just looked strange.

Tam is a barrel
Hiding from a royal myrm.

One day a goat showed up. And Ziff killed it...

Beast of Burden
Didn't know a starbuck could push a wheelbarrow.

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