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There is a wealth of good hunting tips out there that can make life a lot easier for the fighting exile.

Since I'm rather fond of fighters, I thought I'd stick together a page that shows some of the more effective fighting techniques I've witnessed.

Thanks to all the stick-jocks who let me look over their shoulders while they waged bloody havoc on various critters...

Critter Armor
Although there currently isn't armor in the lands, sometimes you can set up a make-shift set with materials at hand.

Vermine Armor
Armored with vermine

In this case, I happened to have a few vermine handy so I stacked them around the artak while I killed off the panther. Vermine and leeches are my favorite types of critter armor (there are many of them, and easy to find). As you gain ranks with Dethus, however, any critter that can't hit you will do.

Rock Hunting
A while back I happened to find Kingpin hunting rocks on the South Beach. Instead of blocking the rock into the trap, he was sticking them on the bottom of the rock wall west of the meshra pool.

Kingpin stacking rocks
Stacking the rocks

He'd move down, whack the rock, then retreat back up the wall to let his balance recover.

Kingpin killing rocks
Killing the rocks

This is considerably better than my old method, which was to stack them on the bottom of the wall and hope they missed me when they swung. And if something really nasty from the Kitty Beach showed up, well, I was in a bit of trouble...

Thank heaven for Tara
Thank heaven for Tara

Clearing the South Forest
Quite a while back, when I conveniently fell in the mirror circle of the South Forest, I had the opportunity to watch Ba'alzamon kill most of the cats in the area. Rather than bomb around the forest (like I did way back when), he was smart—he stacked the cats around the circle, and fought through the spaces.

Fighting through the cracks
One down, seven to go

As you can see, with a little Troilus and some good placement, you can kill quite a few cats with this tactic. And you never get out of breath...