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Since anyone can figure out where to run to, it takes real talent to find all the really nasty places you should NOT run to. I seem to be blessed with just such a talent, as the following pictures show in ample detail...

Between a skeletal and a hard place

Let's start with this one. What's wrong with this picture? Yep, Nohn's in a corner. Two people fell (Lockjaw and Ambrosio) trying to get me out. I blame getting stuck here on my mouse—I swear it stopped working for about five seconds. Humph.

In a corner

Here's another bad spot. Avoid corners at all costs. They automatically cut your escape routes in half. (I feel really bad about this—a cougar got Dragonsbane because I bailed out the entrance and he got trapped in the corner. \curse Nohn...)

Friggin' trees!

I thought I could run between these trees. I couldn't; I got the Darshak thug and the Darshak scout and the Darshak blade got me.

Death Vermine

Don't run into an area where you know lots of people are falling. They're falling for a very good reason—something really mean is in there. In this case it was a dozen death vermine.

Feral Rescue

This was my first experience with a feral. I bounced in, fell, and people kept bouncing in and falling one right after the other until Martlet and Nilor showed up and killed it. What a bunch of wimps we were, eh? :-)

Orga Berserk

Remember my little story about balance, the orga anger, and me? Well, here's some of the aftermath. G'Zek made a magnificent running \pull to get away from the 'zerk and ran right into a bunch of giant vermine. Sometimes you just can't win.


\swear is a great stress reliever. It also helps pass the time while you're waiting for a healer.

Queen's Chamber Rescue

If anyone should ever invited you on a rescue to the Queen's Chamber, just say "NO!" and go hide in a tavern until they've gone away.