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Who should run? Just about everyone, at one time or another. But new exiles in particular need to run—a LOT—simply because they don't have the training they need to survive encounters with the varmints that want to chew on them.

Scorp pursuit
Eek! Scorpions!

This site is aimed at helping new exiles get their running legs. Most of the tactics are quite old, but there are some good nuggets of information in there all the same. A good way to pick up current tactics is by bombing around with a group of like-minded exiles. In addition to being great fun, it also gives you someone to talk to when you're all lying around fallen.

Bad luck
Just another day in the Tangle Wood

Keep in mind that I set these pages up with the brand-new exile in mind, so if you're soloing maha and wraiths then you've already learned all of this. Some of the pictures are entertaining, however. I've managed to fall in some stupid places. Heh...

Tree with an Attitude
A tree with an attitude

Don't forget that the easiest way to learn about the lands is to watch other exiles. When you're off in the South Beach whacking crawlers and running away from rockodiles, keep an eye on the more experienced exiles and watch how they handle adult rocks and the great rock. Most exiles don't mind if you ask questions as long as you're polite, they're not otherwise occupied (ie: fighting for their life), and you're polite. Did I mention you should be polite?

Advice from a Tent
You can get advice from the strangest things

So thanks for stopping by. Take a look around and see if there is anything you haven't figured out on your own. If I've made a gross error, if you disagree with me, if you think I'm a complete idiot, or if you just want to send me a note, I can be reached at

Tree Giant
Complaint Dept.

All criticisms will be duly read, thoughtfully considered, and carefully ignored—most of the time.