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Why should you run? That's easy: So you can stay alive. Now there's no penalty for falling—only for departing—except that you have to hang around fallen and wait for a healer to come by and revive you.

Almost made it

This is very, very boring. Aside from waiting around for a healer, you have the option of using \depart. You lose a rank (actually, the equivalent of a newby rank) every time you depart, so you don't want to do this very often. Departing also sticks you in Purgatory...


...which is about as much fun as getting teeth pulled. The door out is invisible, you appear in a random spot, and the only way to find the exit is to head off at an angle and hope you run into it (literally!) before you die of old age. Several times I've healed all the way to white before getting out. Yech...

Dead in Purgatory

You can also fall while in Purgatory. Another reason not to go there.

If you do fall and you don't want to depart, you can

    \yell Healer needed in SE corner by the rampaging maha
and hope to attract a healer. You'll probably only want to do this if you think there's someone else in the area.

(Keep the yelling to a minimum—non-healers don't need to be reminded you are fallen, and once they know, they'll get you a healer. And don't forget to \thank whomever fetches you a healer.)

Your best bet, however, is to toggle for help. You do this by sharing/unsharing with a healer or a mystic—you'd toggle a mystic because they can use their skristal to locate you. It's much easier for a healer to find you if they know where to look. :-)

You could also wait quietly and hope someone (me, occasionally) comes by and yells "Any fallen?", although this may take a while. Especially when there are only 17 people in the lands and you're fallen somewhere in the Tangle Wood. In that case, you just might have to bite the bullet and depart...

Don't fall. It's boring to be fallen, so just don't do it.