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After a while you're going to get tired of running and want to take a break. The best way to do this is to park whatever's chasing you on one of the bits of terrain that are scattered about the lands.

A Myrm in a Bush
The bushy top of those stubby shrubs is a particularly good place to park a pesky pursuer.

Stuck on a shrub
Got stuck, didn't ya?

A Handy Hut:
This is handy, but it can really screw up a bystander's day. If a bad nasty is chasing you and there is a hut nearby, swing around the hut so the pursuing critter goes inside. Nice for you (you lose the critter), but nasty for whoever's inside the hut...

Danged Bloodthorns
Up and around...

To do this, approach the hut from the southwest, run north past the door, then take a hard right to go around the north edge and loop down the east side.

And in!

This tactic works well with the hut Fistus and Troilus live in; I call it a dirty trick because whoever happens to be training with Troilus gets a nasty surprise. But it's an effective way of ditching those nasty red mryrms that are always chasing around in the farms...

Mirror Circle:
Actually, this is not as important as it used to be, since the South Forest has gotten so big. Still, someone might find it useful someday.

One of the handiest places to park lots of critters is the mirror circle in the South Forest. If you have a ton of cats chasing you, you can wrap them around the circle of stones and hunker down inside to keep them there until you get your breath and balance back. (This tip suggested by Haenk.)

Parked on the mirror circle
That's your side, so stay there.

Note: Critters spawn inside the circle every once in a while, so watch your back 'cause it might grow hair and claws unexpectedly.

Whoa! Where'd that come from?

In this case, the circle sprouted a 'zerk, which caused a bit of surprise, consternation and bloodshed. Fortunately Ton To was able to use Gman as a brick by /pull-ing him back and forth and healing with Med Ik between bouts with the 'zerk.

Parking On a Wall:
If the beasty isn't of the "instant" death variety, you can park it so a friend can take it out solo. In this case, I have an orga anger trying to get me through the hedge (which it can't do), while Mad Mark whales the tar out if it from behind.

Mark vs. Anger
Get 'im, Mad Mark!

The only disadvantage to this is you can't see how much health it has left... Heh!

Parking Really Big Critters and the Use of Small Spaces:
Sometimes there is only one beasty making a ruckus—usually a 'zerk or some other big bruiser. If the terrain is right, you can lead the critter up to a space that you can fit though but they can't. Then all you have to do is stand around and wait for everyone to get healed up so you can go obliterate the thing.

Rage in Tree
Nyah nyah! Phbtttt!

One of my favorite spots to do this is in the big tree at entrance of the North Forest. It has a broad top that's perfect for parking 'zerks and all manner of beasties in. The problem is that curious individuals can sneak up on the parked critter and lead it out of your trap. (Or Nilor* could happen by... :-)

Zerk in Tree
Say "Cheese!"

To make sure your critter stays parked, you have to make sure you stay closer to it than anyone else. This is a tad tricky—getting too close is bad for your health—but it can be done with the right terrain features. The Orga Camp used to offer some of the best all-around parking places for mean nasties that I've found.

Nilor-proof parking in the OC

As you can see, if anyone (Nilor) tries to drag the Rage away, I can creep forward a tad and offer a closer target, so the Rage stays put. Here's what was waiting for the Rage when I finally let it go...

Rage party

I have no idea why Elenis is apologizing to it. :-)

*Nilor, at one time, held the belief that orgas must be led out of the trees. Since she usually led the orgas right up to whomever happened to be in the area, it lead to much falling and wailing and swearing and cursing and... Well, you get the point.