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After an absence of nearly a year, I'm back. Yup. Back to CL. Third times the charm, they say.

We'll see. wink wink, nudge nudge.

Once upon a time I tried to do two updates a month. Those times are long gone, in case you haven't noticed. In fact, this is the first update to the site in a year, and it's not much of an update. Just a little dusting, sweeping the cobwebs, and a few fixes for the more grievous errors.

Oh, and I updated some of the content so it wasn't so dated.

Hmm... I need to add something about Horus and how rats, scavenger birds, etc. can make you more difficult to raise. And a couple other things too, I'm sure. :-)

Bit of trivia: This site first went live in October, 1998. Yes; I've been playing this damned game for almost five years. Someday I'm going to give it up--probably right after I stop breathing.